you remix

Two of Cork’s finest join forces on beautiful remix of You

Elaine Malone is known for her haunting voice and poetic lyricism combined with grunge roots and psychedelic leanings while 1000 Beasts is a prolific producer and multi instrumentalist. The two have combined on a remix of Elaine’s track You and the result is a low-fi laid back remix that lulls you into a space that’s warm and welcoming. You was Elaine Malone’s excellent debut single in 2018 and the remix has kept all the haunting elements of the original, from the bass and drum parts to the jangly guitars, while reharmonizing the verses and adding 1000 Beast’s distinct processing and percussive elements.

I first discovered You way back in 2018, when Elaine first released it ahead of her debut EP Land. It always struck a chord with me so I reached out to Elaine to see if I could get my hands on the stems and experiment with the track. Thankfully she agreed & then Covid came along and finally gave me the time and the opportunity to sit down and give the piece the attention it deserves – it’s probably one of my favourite remixes to date

1000 Beasts

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