we march

Listen to the debut album from Cork’s We March

Fight or Flight by Cork’s We March was recorded in a burst of creativity over a three-day period during lockdown. Influenced by classics such as Hounds of Love and Rain Dogs, the album is split into two distinct halves with the eleven tracks presenting a gothic blend of cabaret, jazz, folk, Italian opera, baroque, lieder, Arabic folk, and even 60s girl-band pop. The use of numerous instruments also adds to the album’s character: pianos, organ, Arabic violin, Indian harmonium, cello, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, tubular bells, drums and percussion can all be heard

Songwriting is a means of confronting the uncomfortable challenges that life throws at you and a way to find an emotional release.  I don’t find writing songs easy or enjoyable; it is more a need to get to the emotional core of what I am feeling.  It takes a great deal of time and effort, but ultimately it is worth it to produce something beautiful and to have that burden lifted

John Paul FitzGerald

Music from the west of Ireland