tuath ni miste

Tuath release fuzzy doggo-infused video for Ní Miste Leis An Cruinne

Psych/trip-hop multi-linguist collective Tuath have long been putting out eclectic and hypnotic productions from their base in Donegal. Their latest release, Ní Miste Leis An Cruinne, is a song os Gaeilge about the meaninglessness of it all, a somewhat recurrent theme for principle songwriter Robert Mulhern. This time, however, the nihilism is wrapped in a fuzzy doggo filled video matching the warm and thoughtful vibes of the recording.

I wrote it at the kitchen table while my dog was keeping my feet warm as I pondered how lucky she is for being so clueless about the surrounding reality that everything is destroyed. The video is made from old home movies of dogs from the 80s to highlight that dogs will always stay with us in memory no matter what happens as the dog who kept my feet warm has passed (RIP Síle)


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