Fisherman’s Blues by The Waterboys: “one of the most romantic songs ever written”

We asked some music people to tell us about tracks they love from the west coast. Here is a selection from Jake Tiernan of Galway band Turnstiles.

One of the most romantic songs ever written, there’s something inebriating about it. Everything about it is so filled with hope and longing, from the instrumentation to the lyrics to Mike Scott’s vocals. Especially that howl in the chorus, that sounds like it could reverberate forever. The band were living in Spiddal at the time of writing the album, and my mom ended up getting a signed copy, which we have at the house. It makes me nostalgic, but I’m not sure exactly what or when for. It makes me think of nights out with my friends in the summer, when its warm enough to find a patch of grass and sit and drink and listen to music until the sun comes up. That’s my favourite time of year, and any time I hear Fisherman’s Blues, whether from a busker or out the back of Carroll’s, it fills me with excitement for that time to come around again.

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