The MasterPlan evoke a classic rock sound on Afterburn

The MasterPlan is a young Ballina band with a classic rock sound drawing inspiration from artists such as The Doors, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Fleetwood Mac.

The MasterPlan’s second EP Afterburn, the follow up to 2020’s Fight The Flames is out now.

We knew we wanted to do another EP after Fight The Flames, but we wanted to challenge ourselves a bit more. We wrote about 30 or 40 different songs for this, but when we got to each of these songs we knew which ones we loved the most, there was no question in which songs. The EP means a lot to us because we got to do what we love together. There’s nothing better than playing with your best friends and looking at each other and smiling thinking “this is fucking awesome”… Sharing that feeling of accomplishment is just the best.

The MasterPlan

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