Take a trip with Dark Matter Mariners by Captain A

Dark Matter Mariners is the latest track from prolific and eclectic Donegal artist Captain A, a songwriter and producer with a long history of diverse releases and immersive approaches to recording. If you want to dive deeper into his previous work I highly recommend a journey through his Bandcamp page where you’ll find a mix of psychedelic rock, minimalist electronica and experimental folk songwriting. It’s quite the mix. 

Dark Matter Mariners is the follow up to another recent instrumental, the weirdly catchy Meaning Obscure, and, like that track, it is both pleasant to listen to and somewhat disorientating.

I consider it to be the soundtrack to the first voyages into dark matter and dark energy by humans

Captain A

An accurate description from the Captain. Spacey synths and a koto melody lull the listener into an eerie sense of drifting solitude only to be woken by an onslaught of sporadic beats. It’s impactful and jarring but certainly interesting.

Both tracks have gotten airplay on the legendary An Taobh Tuathail and more releases are promised in the next few months – exciting times for Captain A.

Photo by Layla Kuyper

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