stephen murray

Listen to the debut album from blues singer/songwriter Stephen Murphy

Stephen Murphy is a blues singer/songwriter from Cork with an eclectic, foot-stomping, guitar driven sound. Taking inspiration from the likes of Rory Gallagher, Chuck Berry, Kris Kristofferson, & Muddy Water he plays play both acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin and bass guitar and reached the Cork Finals of the European Blues Challenge 2019. Have a listen to his debut album A Way Back Home over on Bandcamp.

After spending years doing covers I felt like I was going nowhere and the time had come to finally branch out into songwriting. I had always loved the blues and aspired to be like Rory Gallagher and Muddy Waters, so in 2016 I put pen to paper, wrote my first blues song and my first album was underway. Like any goal the path was neither straight nor easy and I hit many bumps in the road, but thankfully after 5 years of hard work and dedication the album was complete.

Stephen Murphy

Music from the west of Ireland