Stephanie Rainey releases catchy new single Ross & Rachel

Following up the runaway success of single No Cowboy, that saw Stephanie Rainey blister through the Irish charts and feature as Irish Artist of the Month on radio stations across the country, the Cork singer songwriter is back with new single Ross & Rachel. a catchy example of great singer songwriter pop. Co-written & produced by Cian Ducrot (Darkroom/ Interscope), the cinematic production captures the undeniable sparks that fly between two people who are made for each other – a love story like Ross & Rachel.

My wish for the new songs is they find the ears that need them. If they do that I’ll be happy. All I have to offer the world is my version of my truth. To actually connect with what I’m saying I have to be honest. People will see through me if I don’t, and I’ll see through myself, which is worse.

Stephanie Rainey

Music from the west of Ireland