SomeRiseSomeFall team up with Anna Mitchell for Funny Time of Year

SomeRiseSomeFall is an independent community of songwriters, musicians and creatives. The ever evolving collective brings together artists and vocalists such as John Blek, Rowan, Anna Mitchell, Kevin Herron, Marlene Enright and a large cast of musicians with producer Brian Casey, videographer Allie Glynn and artist Riona NI Riagain, all with the aim to interpret & reimagine songs for unique new recordings.

This lockdown collage paints a truly representative picture of the mundanity of lockdown and the terror we are experiencing collectively.

Funny Time of Year is a song that immediately hit me when I first heard it, I loved the process of recording and rearranging this song into a version that evoked the emotion that I had felt when I initially heard it. Anna’s arrangement and performance is incredible in that she imbues the song with vulnerability allied to resilience

Michael Fitzgerald – Project Director

Music from the west of Ireland