Single Use Plastic by Benjamin Burns: “it should be used to educate children, perhaps adapted into a story book”

Hidden Gems is a section of the site wherein we ask artists to tell us about a song they love from the west of Ireland, with often delightfully thoughtful and eloquent results. In this iteration Donegal producer and Robert Mulhern (Tuath, Lunch Machine, Suil Amhain, Consumers) tells us about a track he loves from Cork artist Benjamin Burns.

Over the last few years we seem to be experiencing  a surge of deconstructionism in music, It’s thriving in the west coast of Ireland. Our local artists are vomiting up the toxic bile that we are confronted with every day as we wake up to miserable news on the daily.

This track for some reason is undersubbed to death. Truly a gem of the hiddenest order.

This tongue in cheek track about the ins and outs of single use plastics is necessary listening. It should be used to educate children, perhaps adapted into a story book.

I don’t normally lump praise on anyone this much because I don’t like blowing smoke where the sun don’t shine but I find this to be foaming at the mouth with value. The video by Thomas Spencer is spectacular too.

I reccommend this highly. it sickens me that there is no follow up, I wouldn’t like to be following this up though because it sounds like a daunting task.

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