Mayo’s Seán Finn takes inspiration from Brazil on latest composition

Mayo’s Seán Finn is a multi-instrumental songwriter, grounded in pop and jazz. Classically trained on piano and self-taught on guitar, Sean has been writing music for the last six years and takes inspiration from Cole Porter, David Bowie, The Beatles and Mac DeMarco. His latest release Mexican Beauty In Red is inspired by Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Reading a biography about Antonio Carlos Jobim, I fell in love with his music and studied some of his most famous pieces. In particular his song, ‘Triste’, inspired my new single. I sat down at the piano and decided to try and write a bossa nova song as a challenge, just to see if I could do it. I didn’t believe that it was something people would like, but the more people I sent it to, the more people thought it was good, so I decided to release it as my next single.

Sean Finn

Music from the west of Ireland