Slyrydes get introspective on latest single I Claim to be Intelligent

There is something hypnotic happening in the opening minute of I Claim To Be Intelligent as guitarist Mark Comer and bassist Eoin Reilly eke out every menacing note to match Paul Clarke’s taut and pacy drum line. It is a track that builds and builds into something a lot more hectic later on – a slow and gradual deterioration of the psyche; a war within oneself and the world outside. A lone boxer fighting imaginary foes in a blood-soaked hand ball alley is the perfect visceral visual accompaniment for the music.

The last few singles from Slyrydes have dealt with the health system, bankers and racism but in this new track we hear a more introspective side of front man Marc Raftery with lyrics about dealing with depression, self-esteem and drug dependence. I Claim To be Intelligent was produced with Dan Doherty down at Darklands studio in Dublin and is out now.

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