Lush, lazy guitar mixed with low sentimental vocals create dreamlike flow on Katmandu’s debut release

Katmandu, a new side project from Tomás Concannon and Oisin Brennan from Mayo band Bury Me With My Money have just released ‘People who fall off cliffs inspired by people who walk in front of cars’. In Tomás’ own words the track is a Lo-fi lockdown lament: “in the spirit of continuing to be creative in this strange time we wanted to introduce ourselves and share a demo track we managed to lay down right before lockdown”. 

Lush, lazy guitar mixed with Tomás’s low sentimental vocals brings an ethereal and dreamlike essence to the overall flow of the track and shows the strength in Umbrella Records‘ wheel house right now. Each member of the Galway/ Mayo collective has been demonstrating a specific set of attributes that makes every release from the label just distinct enough to be something new. Much like with previous side project Hunting For Snares, Katmandu finds members of Bury Me With My Money trying out a different aspect of their own repertoire while not compromising the integrity of their other projects with something wildly different.

Listen to the track exclusively on their Facebooks.

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