Punching Peaches’ Billy is a turbulent expression of youthful energy

Experimentalists Punching Peaches cut up and combine an un-tasteful smattering of sonic influences, taking cues from the worlds of art, literature and cinema to bring a fresh perspective to the Irish post-punk revival. Latest track Billy combines a quick and heavy drum riff with thumping bass, ear wrenching guitar and caustic vocals to create a high energy banger… another turbulent expression of youthful energy from Galway’s exciting emerging DIY scene.

This track was the result of us mostly improvising – it was written first quite a while ago over a simple jam we were playing around with. It was fully written within a few minutes. I made the lyrics up on the spot, my only thoughts on it were I wanted to make it something that could be interpreted in a lot of different ways. After that we spent a few months refining it and recording in our rehearsal space. I think it turned out quite well in the end…

Conor King

Yes Conor, it did indeed turn out quite well in the end. Punching Peaches play a headline show at Galway’s Roisin Dubh on Monday, November 15th. Support is from Limerick’s Static Vision and admission is free.

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