Watch the excellent new video from Proper Micro NV

Proper Micro NV is the alias of Limerick electronic music producer, singer and songwriter Rory Hall. His latest release, You Knew Longer Than Me, gets a full release on December 4th but you can check out the excellent video for the track below…

Oddly enough, I had the idea for this video before the pandemic. So as time went by and everything started to happen in the world, it made even more sense to revisit and film this concept of performing to nobody but myself in a real venue. No audience, no sound engineer, no anything except for myself, the curtain, the drama, the lights and the unusually isolated feeling of performing to nobody. It felt invigorating to perform on a stage again – even though it wasn’t an actual gig with actual people watching!

Rory Hall, Proper Micro NV

Music from the west of Ireland