Perspective is the stunning debut EP from Donegal’s Neptune M.

Beautifully melding Influences from Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Lianne La Havas, Nina Simone and Bjork, Donegal’s Neptune M. has been talked of in hushed and revered tones by Donegalians for quite a while now. Captivating live performances, stunningly expressive vocalism and exquisitely crafted narrative song-smithery consistently impressed in the before-time, while single AA put out earlier this year whet the appetite for a recently released EP.

With a whole lot of tension, story-telling lyricism and as many climaxes as could be inserted into 21 minutes of music, the self-described Popera-genred debut release shares its name with the title track Perspective and touches on themes including bio-chemical induction of contentment in romantic instances (Oxytocin Ocean), and the heart-aching reality of lives impacted by addiction (AA). Although the songs vary in musical style, they are held together by the quality of the vocals, the dynamics of jazz-rock drums and the instrumental flourishes on the double bass, synthesizer and spanish guitar.

A stunning debut from a young artist on the cusp of greatness.


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