Peggy Trundle blends rootsy guitars and soulful vocals on Sweet Release

Galway songwriter Peggy Trundle blends classical, folk, and blues influences as a foundation for clever lyricism delivered with the emotional resonance of vocalists such as Sarah Vaughan, Roberta Flack, and Mavis Staples. Her latest offering, Sweet Release, is a guitar-propelled treat for the senses with rootsy-style guitars peeping through soulful vocals in a style that contrasts nicely with her debut single, the more ethereal and tranquil No Reason.

There are a few different themes to be found within this song. It is something of a rag doll in that sense. Playing this one live, I often dedicate it to the delusional – not only because it makes me laugh, but also due to its somewhat frantic vibe. I always imagine someone dancing to a violin as Rome burns around them. The song stands as something of a plea to not be woken from the trance – to live in a pure fantasy for just a moment longer. It’s both a celebration and a lament.

Peggy Trundle

Music from the west of Ireland