Patrick Hendrick

Patrick Hendrick hits the right vibes with new jam

Wannabe is the third release of 2020 for Cork artist Patrick Hendrick and his first foray into R&B. While previous singles Break Even and Another Mistake were sonically more in-line with acts he has supported in the past such as Kodaline, The Coronas, The Blizzards, and Rubyhorse, Wannabe is a slice of Californian summer gold featuring a vocal sample from popular nineties movie Space Jam.

The song itself is about how some music artists are loved by the public without really having much musical ability, they rely on computers to do the work for them yet their egos inflate to high levels while receiving unjust attention from the masses.

Patrick Hendrick

It’s a new musical direction for the Corkman and one that works exceedingly well, both musically and aesthetically in the accompanying squash court video. Having recently obtained a music degree from Cork School of Music, and with a new look and vibe, Patrick Hendrick has the potential to carve out an interesting niche for himself in the future.

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