The Mist Over The Claddagh by Pa Reidy: “richness of emotion that you can almost still taste”

We asked some music people to tell us about tracks they love from the west coast. Here is a selection from Galway/ Kerry artist Katie O’Connor.

”Without a second thought, when I think of a song rooted to the West of Ireland Pa ReidysThe Mist Over the Claddagh comes to mind. The sentiment of this song seeps into every cell of my body. Galway leaves a signature after-taste from the states that the heart has been in. I imagine most of us who have lived here or are connected to it in some way feel immersed and entangled with its energy and earthiness. It knows the highest of highs and lowest of lows – severe loneliness and desperation as well as intense joy, community and connection. And, just like Galway itself, for me this song by Pa really captures that essence and richness of emotion that you can almost still taste. I have been so patient waiting for the next album to be ready but the wait continues for now. Fortunately this beautiful unique version of the song will hold me over until I can here him sing it again.”

Music from the west of Ireland