NewDad knocking on the door of indie stardom with new single ‘Cry’.

Having long been cult favourites of Galway’s live music scene, NewDad are beginning to flourish in the recording studio. Their latest track ‘Cry’ succeeds ‘Swimming’ and ‘How’ to make for a strong run of releases in 2020 thus far. The opening guitar riff is one of shimmering distortion, shortly joined by an easy going rhythm section. Multiple listens are rewarded with a goldmine of melodies, laced throughout the track by Sean O’Dowd’s pristine guitar and a softly played synth in the second verse. All parts are constantly moving and the song’s strength lies in its ability to dis-and-reassemble itself without becoming bare or too crowded musically. 

Julie Dawson’s vocals echo in the mix, often blending with the instrumentation in classic shoegaze fashion. Lyrically, the band are sticking to their teenage melodrama roots: topically apt for a song so suited to blaring within poster covered walls.

NewDad are knocking on the door of fully-fledged indie stardom and ‘Cry’ is their most comprehensive effort to date. Their ability to prosper during lockdown is testament to their talent in the realm of recorded music, something that will serve them substantially in knocking down that door.

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