the new ravis

Listen to The City’s Coming Down by The New Ravis

Galway’s The New Ravis are the indie synth rock duo of Eoghan Moylan and Diarmuid Byrne. The two met in college and bonded over their shared passion for music and songwriting. Shortly after they graduated they formed The New Ravis and to date they have performed alongside Inhaler, Eoin Dolan, Rofi James and many others.

It really felt as we were wrapping up 2019 that things had taken a turn for the worse, mentally and creatively. We both really felt as though we had stretched ourselves as thin as possible and we weren’t exactly sure how much we had left to give. It honestly really did feel like the world was coming to a quick close around us, and that’s why we wrote the song. Little did we know that only a few months later almost everyone on Earth would be in the same boat…

The New Ravis

Music from the west of Ireland