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Archmotors’ debut album shows off considerable songwriting finesse and musical cleverness

The Swimsuit Edition shows off considerable songwriting finesse and musical cleverness with a variety of styles suggested, crossed and mashed together in a lush and at times intensely dark soundscape.


Listen to the debut album from Galway’s Annie Get Your Gun

Annie Get Your Gun (Ann-Marie Doyle) is a Galway based songwriter and musician whose musical influences include Nick Cave, Joni Mitchell, Neko Case, Stephen Merrit and Leonard Cohen.


Turnstiles continue run of blisteringly excellent singles with Same Old Stories

There is a righteous anger and an honest poetry to everything Turnstiles have done so far. Same Old Stories continues in this vein, heart-on-sleeve passion and clever angles included, and it would seem the band need hardly try at times to deliver material that sets them apart from their contemporaries.


Listen to the debut EP from Kerry chiptune producer MeloDraManiMator

erhaps best known for his work behind the kit with acts such as Deadbog, Red Sky Planes and Hey Rusty, Daly has melded influences from post-rock, metal and math-rock into a three track EP of distorted synth, frenetic beats and layered melodies.

van panther

Van Panther return with a claustrophobic new single and video To Live & Die

The latest single from the Limerick indie-rockers focuses on the harsh realities surrounding entrapment within one’s hometown.

Captain A returns with weird instrumental Meaning Obscure

Sounding like the soundtrack to a particularly strange and disorientating episode of Mad Men where no one says a word and you don’t know what the hell is going on but people just keep looking at each other and doing weird smiles, Meaning Obscure is giving pure sixties vibes on that electric piano.

_02 (1)

Listen to the retro futuristic sounds of Mayo/ Cork producer In Bits

A collection of songs that manages to sound natural, warm and loose like a retro futuristic robot enjoying himself at a 1970s Lisbon disco.


Glassbird’s debut EP marks the arrival of an interesting songwriter with a unique style

Comprised of a variety of synth sounds, self-recorded drum samples, lush orchestral backdrops and layered off-kilter vocals, I Think I’ll Be OK is a delightfully weird and compelling collection of songs and styles ranging from smooth R&B and blues rock to euphoric indie and psychedelia.


Enjoy the theremin infused new single from Rodney Owl

Based around a simple piano motif with a floating theremin line, synth bass, broken beats and crunchy guitars thrown into …


Have a listen to the new EP from Westport based dream pop artist Mani Bazaar

Mani Bazaar produces ethereal goth-infused dream pop out of Westport, Mayo. Her new EP titled EP. 3 is released as …

Dott by Kim McCafferty-1

Dott dispel anxiety with top notch dream pop harmonies and doggos

Extra Introvert deals with the ordinary and in that the common anxieties that many of us face. The thematic timing to this record, intentional or not, could not be more on-point.

Cubs Frozen Waterfall Cover

Listen to the third album from psychedelic folk supergroup Cubs

Frozen Waterfall finds Cubs traversing territories and sonic space inhabited by ghosts, birds and bells, weaving together a fine patchwork of lysergic lullabies, spooked campfire ballads and drifting folk transmissions.


Jonathan Crean weaves nostalgic dream-scapes on debut EP Wander Back In

Based out of Cork, Irish multi-instrumentalist and recording artist Jonathan Crean weaves nostalgic dream-scapes through a fusion of low-slung electric guitar riffs, retired synth textures, and incandescent visions of life in the digital age.


Listen to the powerful new single from Galway artist Lōwli

Cavalry is the latest offering from an artist who has consistently built on the integrity of each of her previous releases; and it possesses all the qualities of its namesake: powerful, commanding, impactful.

derek ellard

Derek Ellard returns, new and improved, with ‘Equal to or Greater Than’

Equal to or Greater Than is a complex song of many moving parts and yet never sounds rushed or crowded – it is the sound of an artist who has honed his craft and got his shit together, which is always something to celebrate.

Derek Corr This Now Artwork

Derek Corr aims high with debut album, hits target

Hailing from a Limerick family with a long musical tradition, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Derek Corr has been making music and …