Moxie combine Irish trad and contemporary sounds on vibrant new album

Alt-Folk band, Moxie have just released their new album The Dawn of Motion, taking a new direction driven by vibrant songs and avant-garde genres. From the intricate Irish melodies and African rhythms of Is Ainm Dom to the groovy hooks and spirited vocals of The Place Above, the album is a collection of songs and tunes which conveys a brilliant amalgamation of Irish traditional heritage and contemporary sounds. The new voice in the band, Tunisian-born French singer/songwriter Julia Spanu, ties the knot between her pop influences and the band’s explosive melodies.

Julia’s varied background and curiosity in folklore has added a voice to Moxie’s music and has led us to explore a new dimension of Moxie’s identity. When we were putting the album together, we re-worked some older tracks that had previously been released on our live EP The Moxtape Sessions. In Eyes on Pluto, Girl From Space and Afterlife we added vocal accompaniment layers and luscious string lines which gives these compositions a whole new lease on life.

Ted Kelly (Moxie)

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Upcoming live shows…

Fri. 17 Sept. Meet Me In The Garden, Birr 

Tue 21 Sept. Monroes, Galway 

Sun. 26 Sept. Andersons Live, Sligo 

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