Mila Mia mixes Irish trad and Brazilian rhythms on debut release

Born and raised in Brazil, Mila Mia is a flute player, composer and multi-instrumentalist currently living in Galway. Exploring instrumental music from all over the world is one of her great inspirations, but particularly traditional Irish music has been her biggest source of research for playing and writing. She has been contributing to the traditional Irish music scene in South America in the last 10 years and has performed and toured around Brazil and Europe with multi-genre bands as Oran, Sin a Deir Sí, Laguna, Al Andar Flamenco and Galway Choro Ensemble.

Debut single Across the Green Ocean is a mix of traditional Irish music and “xote”, a specific traditional rhythm from the northeast of Brazil. It’s an instrumental piece composed for flute, fiddle, concertina, guitar, double bass and triangle.

I wrote this tune during the third lockdown here in Ireland, which was tough for everybody, but especially for being away from the gigs and away from my family in Brazil. The melody came up naturally and I believe it was my way to express my identity and to feel closer to everyone I care about.

Mila Mia

Music from the west of Ireland