Mechner Ghosts in the Mirror

Cork’s Mechner unveils final part of Club Idem with Ghosts In The Mirror

Club Idem is an ambitious cross media project from the mind of Cork based artist Mechner involves a narrative about a mysterious club and how it affects the lives of four people as their paths cross over the course of three nights.

I had experimented with using short film as a means to accompany my first single Surfacing way back in 2016, and I loved the process, which then lead me to attempt something more ambitious with Club Idem – soon three consecutive music videos turned into five and here we are… Ghosts In The Mirror is about being black out intoxicated on a night out, the feeling of not knowing where you are, but remembering only flashing images and sounds, somewhere in the recesses of your mind you are aware of what’s going on, but you have almost no control over your body, or brain. The idea of being trapped in oneself, it’s actually quite terrifying the idea of what can happen when you are not in control.


Watch the full collection below…

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