Off-kilter Sligo/ Leitrim label Magnata Music put out first release

Sligo/ Leitrim based Magnata Music is a label for the finest off-kilter DIY pop, noise and improv.

The impetus for Magnata Music was the desire to broadcast a music community that has been gathering a lovely head of steam in Sligo over the past few years. The region has a long musical tradition for choral, jazz, baroque, pop, folk, composed, improvised, you name it, while it was also clear that there could be an outlet for this kind of between-the-cracks music that can encompass any or all of those disciplines, and which you’d hear in diverse venues round Sligo, from galleries, bars, theatres, bookshops and workshops to house shows.

Owen Kilfeather

The first release from the label, Kingdom Insecta, is a split EP of two Sligo acts. Marge Bouvier is a spoken word band at the forefront of being cool/good rational human beings and Gulpt is a quartet that takes precisely one minute to compose one minute of music that skews between no-wave, free improv and avant etc, all shot through with vocals exposing bare-wire feelings.

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