Listen to the latest from instrumental four piece A Talk In The Dark

A Talk In The Dark are an instrumental four piece based across three different parts of the country, formed as a means for friends with a little distance between them to collaborate. The acts debut album “Look To The Clouds” is due for digital release in September 2021, with a limited physical 12″ release to follow in October.

A slow build up that gives way to a wall of noise, “Fluttering Wing’ aims to represent a form of rebirth. A sampled (and much slowed) foetal heartbeat pulses through the first half of the track, sitting underneath ambient guitar and melodic violin. The track gradually crescendos into a loud and frenetic middle section, before giving the listener a little time for reflection in the outro of the piece.

Much like all the tracks on the album, this has little nods to friends and family that have passed. Whilst very much with its roots in post-rock, the violin in particular lends a more traditional Irish feel to the piece.

A Talk In The Dark

Music from the west of Ireland