Debut single from John Martin Tierney shows considerable pop intuition

John Martin Tierney is a songwriter who combines modern pop melodies with rock and folk to creative narrative songs full of catchy hooks and refrains. At only twenty-three the Galway native has established himself as a prominent figure on the local scene as a member of the brilliant Dead Horse Jive and Irish Youth Music Awards winners JANAJ.

His debut solo single I Will Wait was written and recorded during lockdown and “inspired by missing people I love, and how relationships are being strained at the minute. I wrote it from the point of view of someone who wasn’t able to act on their feelings for someone before the restrictions were put in place.”

With a guitar strum and complimentary piano line underpinning an emotive vocal performance, I Will Wait is an impressive debut which showcases John Martin Tierney’s strength as a songwriter of considerable pop intuition and sensibility.

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