Licehead battle reincarnations of unfinished business on second album

Perfect Death Forever, the second album from experimental Limerick rock act Licehead, is a raw and riotous ghost story about battling with reincarnations of unfinished business. 

Musically pointillist and emotionally destitute, the album paints a world where nothing gets wrapped up tidily… in just over thirty minutes the album takes a number of left turns into punk, industrial, hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, pop, and general sad bastard music. Songs deal with a future of co-living spaces and failing flood defences, while also taking time to cover the summoning of demons and mundane TV ghosts. 

With anthems aimed squarely at the engineers of Ireland’s housing crisis (Burn The Capitol), braggadocio rap from the perspective of a damp lung (STANDARD DEMISE), a cautionary tale about operating farm machinery on cocaine (Centuries of Damp) and a eulogy by conceptual artist Kerry Guinan (Ego Death), Perfect Death Forever doesn’t hold any punches and is, of course, all the more notable and enjoyable because of it.

PERFECT DEATH FOREVER is intended to be listened to on headphones while walking around Limerick City at night. Deviations may negatively impact your experience. 


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