Listen to the emotive Tidal Wave by Sligo’s Lazyrevs

Working from their home studio in the idyllic surroundings of west Sligo, Lazyrevs have managed to gain editorial support from Spotify, have been featured on BBC’s Introducing Mixtape and have an exclusive sync publishing deal with ThinkSync Music in the U.K.

Tidal Wave is about coming to terms with a loss in your life, and learning how to let go; realising that sometimes the only person who can save you is yourself


The band’s latest release Tidal Wave relates to singer Nadine’s dad, Paddy Keogh, who was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer this year, which has a very low survival rate. Paddy, a musician in his own right, introduced Nadine to music, taught her how to play guitar and sing and she sang lead vocals in his cover band throughout her teenage years.

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