Underneath is the stunning new track from Kevin Herm Connolly

Kevin Herm Connolly is a singer-songwriter from Ballinasloe, Co. Galway influenced buy the likes of Tom Waits, Eels and Beck. Latest single Underneath is a duet with Irish singer Bennie Reilly and features Karl Odlum on double bass and Sebastian Slutzky on the Argentinian tango instrument, the bandoneon.

Written following the death of one of my best friends, it is an attempt to make some sense of the loss, of my grief, of how a person lives on in some way in memories, in the influence they had and the lives they touched. I asked Bennie to sing on the song as I love her soulful and distinctive voice.

Kevin Herm Connolly

Underneath is a beautifully paced and emotionally affecting song that you’ll find yourself coming back to for more.

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