Jack O’Rourke continues to impress with new single Patsy Cline

Following up the success of his first single in 2021, ‘Opera on the Top Floor’, Jack O’Rourke is back with new single ‘Patsy Cline’. Both singles offer a taste of Jack’s new album, Wild Place. Never one to shy away from the personal, the Cork songwriter has approached these recordings with a starker musical palette in mind – the arrangements representative of a more solitary, yet cathartic place, that Jack and many songwriters found themselves in over the last year. The piano and Jack’s ranging voice dominate, with subtle string arrangements to present a moving and original body of work out later this year.

Patsy Cline is about a wild love – all that’s exciting and beautiful – the wild place where that exists, even in a memory. Her voice is evocative and honeyed but that raw quality is always there. There’s a primal, reckless quality to her voice and I suppose in a great love, you’re being thrown in directions you never imagined, like the journey Patsy Cline brings you on in her delivery. That’s exciting but scary.

Jack O’Rourke


Music from the west of Ireland