How to use ads to get your music in front of the right people

The most important thing about using any social media platform is consistency. It really is that simple. Every algorithm on every platform, from YouTube to Facebook and from TikTok to Instagram, rewards consistency. 

Have a look at a random YouTube video with over 100,000 views – what is so special about the person who made it? It often comes down to one important thing – they kept at it. They kept upping their game, video by video, and then complimented that with consistent posting on other platforms to point people to their YouTube channel. 

We can think of social media advertising as consistency that you pay for. Using ads can speed up your consistency rating by covering more ground quicker. If you have the budget for it then running Facebook, Instagram and Google ads in tandem and directing people to your website will get you in front of a lot of people very quickly. 

Sure, it’s an investment (around €500 – €800 for a good campaign) but, if done right, it allows you to bypass gatekeepers and gets you straight in front of the people that are most likely to dig your music. It may cost money but it saves you time (aka the most precious thing we have). It brings me back to something I mentioned a while ago in Timeline Real-Estate: thoughtfulness. 

Thoughtfulness is taking a step back and analysing what your product really is.

Are you advertising your heavy sludge rock to Bob Dylan fans? Maybe you are trying to promote your mellow acoustic music on TikTok to a demographic of 18 year olds? If so, it’s probably time to have a think about that.

You can start by asking four or five of your friends: what does my music really sound like to you? Who does it remind you of? Where does it fit? WHO AM I?

Every answer they give, from “like Led Zeppelin mixed with Billie Eilish” to “Korn mixed with ABBA” is valid – the responses you get, whether you like them or not, are probably quite an accurate approximation of your sound. 

This seemingly innocuous action is actually a very simple and very powerful form of market research. 

Now when you are setting up your advertising campaign you will have a starting point – target your ads at people who already like those artists and you will be putting your music in front of potential fans.

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