Faces by Nerves: “a love letter to post-punk isolationism”

We asked some music people to tell us about tracks they love from the west coast. Here is a selection from Áindle O’Beirn of Galway band NewDad.

“Faces by Nerves is a love letter to post-punk isolationism. A song that holds itself among my favourites of the genre, Nerves capture the energy of a discordant soliloquy both lyrically and musically. The biting guitars attune perfectly with the lapping, anxious vocals of lead singer Kyle Thornton, while the punching drums and excited bass support the immense weight of an explosive track. Nerves thoughtful and unique songwriting is individual yet reciprocal to another of my favourites, The Sound. It is very rare that one finds a fresh and new take on a genre, that also feels as if it has been here since the very beginning.” 

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