Headroom show considerable promise on smooth new single City Lights

Headroom are a five piece from Westport and, if their latest release is anything to go by, this is a band with a lot to offer and a bright future. City Lights is as smooth as they come – like a jaded Morrissey crooning over the Drive soundtrack.

We were inspired to make this song by some of our favourite mellow, slow artists like Tame Impala, and Fleetwood Mac. The whole song just came so naturally to us, as soon as one of us picked up the synthesiser and started playing a riff we all seemed to know exactly what to add to it to make it the song we knew it could be… City Lights is quite a breakaway from our normal, guitar driven sound but we absolutely love it. We mostly wrote it on a synthesiser, and when our drummer added his flair to it we knew we had a great song on our hands.


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