Going Coastal 01 w/ Jude Barriscale (Lunch Machine)

Going Coastal is a podcast for Not Bad in which we ask west coast artists to talk us through some of their favourite songs.

This week’s episode comes from Letterkenny, Donegal, with host Jude Barriscale. Jude is a stage manager and amateur thread enthusiast and plays with granny flat rock band Lunch Machine on lead vocals and guitar.

Lunch Machine is a four piece consisting of Jude, Robert Mulhern (sound engineer and Tuath frontman) on bass, Pearse Owens (graphic designer and videographer) on lead guitar, and Kieran Devlin (videographer and ukulele poet on drums). They have been working on lots of new material for the past year and hope to release a new EP this year if Big ‘Rona doesn’t get her way. Their debut EP Alt Facts is available on Bandcamp.


Other west coast acts featured in this episode are Shammen Delly, New Pope, Aul Boy and Tuath with some of Jude’s personal favourite songs from Yo La Tengo, Blur, Sharon Von Etten and many others. Recorded outside in the transient Irish summer.

Music from the west of Ireland