Going Coastal 64 w/ Rev Barry Frink & The Bad Buzz

“Some say they’re Roscommon’s answer to McCartney-Lennon, mixed with Leonard Cohen, and a Dash of Mozart, and that they declined a pro-bono recording deal with Steve Albini & Cher. Others say they’re just dodgy c***s who picked up their instruments to take the piss out of the lads in music class in school, and they’re not sure who the joke is on anymore.”

So sayeth Rev Barry Frink, the host of this episode of Going Coastal. Have a listen to a splendidly curated hour of music from the west coast.

Going Coastal is broadcast on Flirt FmBCRFMRosFMWired Fm and Dublin Digital Radio. Each week a different host talks us through some music from the western edge of Ireland.

Music from the west of Ireland