Going Coastal 26 w/ The Curly Organ

For this special edition of Going Coastal The Curly Organ asks a few friends to submit their ideas about how to improve Christmas. Masterfully edited and including a festive collection of west coast jams, this is another doozy of an episode from Galway’s sovereign prophet.

Happy Christmas from all at Not Bad!

Special Thanks to…

Olive Waldron, Brian Vincent May (Feather and Stone), Marta Barcikowska (Ah Sure, Look It), Lara Foy, Dan Colley, Ginger Aarons, Katya Radovanova, Steven Bennett (Comedian), Molly O’Mahony (Singer), Declan O’Brien, Tracy Bruen (SingerSongwriter), Muirreann Anna (Mongoose, band), Mark McConville (Rodney Owl), Pilar Alderete, Tracy Friel. Elena Juzgado (Artist) for their contributions.

Music from the west of Ireland