Going Coastal 20 w/ Arthuritis

Combining cryptic lyrics that lend themselves less to storytelling and more to abstraction, complex mosaic-like narratives and bejewelled sonic onslaughts Arthuritis has long been one of the more interesting and experimental songwriters in the west of Ireland. His latest release Sleeveless in Seattle not only confirms this but should go someway to winning the artist a new audience through its brilliant clarity and perfectly fitting, beautifully shot and fantastically edited video.

For this episode of Going Coastal the artist talks us through some music that has influenced his work. It’s a tremendous hour of blisteringly good song choices from the likes of Senior Infants, Roslyn Steer, Flying Buttresses, Mark Waldron Hyden, Nudy Boy Nature, Myles Manley, Sam Clague, Maija Sofia, Elaine Howley and Fixity.

Going Coastal is broadcast on Flirt Fm, BCRFM, RosFM, Wired Fm and Dublin Digital Radio – each week a different host from the west of Ireland talks us through some of the music that they love.

Music from the west of Ireland