Going Coastal 11 w/ Aul Boy

Going Coastal is a podcast for Not Bad, broadcast on Flirt Fm 101.3, BCRFM 101.9 and Ros Fm 94.6. Each week a different music maker from the west of Ireland hosts the show and plays songs that have influenced their music or that they are currently enjoying.

This week’s episode of Going Coastal was recorded in Donegal by Aul Boy and features west of Ireland acts Happy Out, Constant Supply, My Fellow Sponges, Captain A, Tugboat Willy, Myles Manley, SlowPlaceLikeHome and Crevice.

Aul Boy are an indie-rock type quartet that combine the sounds of New York, California and Donegal in a genre-jumping collage of clever lyrics, loose guitars and tight rhythms. Their music is sometimes sharp and noisy, sometimes light and poppy, sometimes big and spacey and always with a bit of a groove.

Music from the west of Ireland