Jonathan Richman and The Fiery Furnaces influence the eccentric alt-pop of young Galway artist GlassBird

GlassBird is a Galway based artist that creates eccentric alt-pop indie songs with a wide range of instruments including marimbas, cello, dog (alive) and broken guitars. Influenced by the childish simplicity of Jonathan Richman’s The Modern Lovers and the overbearing complexity of The Fiery Furnaces. he weaves an itchy, hole ridden musical blanket sure to make the listener question their choices and decide to go take a walk outside. GlassBird’s first EP, I Think I’ll Be OK, was a compelling introduction to the young artist and he has recently put out two follow up EPs, Good Afternoon and What Happened to Jazz?

The songwriter behind GlassBird, Jack Lindey, is a participant in Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture youth music project Livefeed and will be performing as part of their Livefeed Online event this Saturday (November 7th) at 7pm on the Livefeed Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels.

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