gavin da vinci kean kavanagh
gavin da vinci kean kavanagh

GavinDaVinci & Kean Kavanagh collide to astounding effect on Superman

Portlaoise and Tipperary collide to astounding effect in the Gavindavinci x Kean Kavanagh produced grime tinged track Superman. It’s a collaboration that has been teased through Instagram and Twitter over the last few weeks and has finally come to fruition with the PX Music and Soft Boy Records acts teaming up for the first in what promises to be one of this year’s most interesting tracks. Word on the street is that a full EP is to follow. 

Kean Kavanagh comes off the back of his critically acclaimed Dog Person EP in 2020, while Gavindavinci comes through from his 2019 Superscumbagmode and featuring on and releasing some of the South West’s bests 2020 tracks in Council House Freestyle, Whoopty Whoop, Who’s Asking South West Allstars Remix and putting bars into many tracks of his PX Music label-mates releases, such as Hazey Haze’s Pignorant EP. 

The track finds Gavindavinci throwing out a flurry of references and lyrics in full force, with his own distinct and versatile style backed by Kavannagh’s aforementioned grime tinged heavy bassline. ‘…way too accurate, almost say I never miss…’ is a line that sets out the intention of Gavindavinci with this track and this collaboration. This track definitely does not miss and hopefully the wait to hear more isn’t long. 

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