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“I fell into this album weightlessly, like sinking beneath a bed of water, sheathed by that blissful, deafening silence… a gleeful drowning”

Mani Bazaar makes goth-infused dream pop out of Mayo/ Galway. We asked her to tell us about a west of Ireland song that she loves…

going coastal 08

Going Coastal w/ JJ Lee

This week’s episode of Going Coastal was recorded in Cork by producer JJ Lee and features west coast artists Sultans of Ping, Junior Brother, Bleeding Heart Pigeons, SÍOMHA, The Clockworks, Nerves and BOKOTONO.

going coastal 07

Going Coastal w/ Bury Me With My Money

This week’s episode of Going Coastal was recorded in Mayo by Tomás Concannon of Bury Me With My Money and includes west coast artists Van Panther, Myles Manley, Bannered Mare and Fox Jaw as well as some of the songs and artists which have influenced Tomás’ own work.


“I am 21 again and I am wishing I was on the N17. I am brewing up a storm. I am crossing the Quincentennial Bridge for the first time. I am driving a car down Shop Street.”

David Hickey of Citóg Records and Harrison & The Devil takes a trip down memory lane to a song that evokes the sweetest of memories.

going coastal 06

Going Coastal w/ Tracy Bruen

This week our host is Galway artist Tracy Bruen, organiser of the long running Roisin Dubh Open Mic and a successful recording and performing artist in her own right. Her episode features west coast artists Touché, Niamh Regan and Jack Lee as well as some of the artists that have influenced Tracy’s own work such as Fiona Apple, Kate Bush and The Divine Comedy.

going coastal 05

Going Coastal w/ Doppler

The fifth episode of our podcast Going Coastal comes from Sligo and was recorded by Jamie Mulrooney of Doppler. Great shtuff.

going coastal 04

Going Coastal w/ Elaine Malone

This one was recorded in Cork by Elaine Malone and features west coast acts Perish and The Bonk as well as the tracks that have had an influence on Elaine’s own work.

going coastal 03

Going Coastal w/ Turnstiles

Episode three of Going Coastal with Galway punks Turnstiles.

going coastal 02

Going Coastal w/ Liam O’Connor (FONDA)

Here is the second episode of Going Coastal, a podcast for Not Bad in which we ask west coast artists to talk …


“Takes a well known folk tale form and warps it and twists it until it becomes relevant for the present” – Ushmush on a quality track from Clare

Clare artist Ushmush shares one of his favourite west coast tracks with us.

“Galway leaves a signature after-taste from the states that the heart has been in” – Katie O’Connor tells us about a hidden gem she loves

Katie O’Connor tells us about a hidden gem from Galway songwriter Pa Reidy.

“I was kept awake every weekend by the sound of young revellers walking back to town from the seaside nightclubs, so loud” – Padraig Stevens on why this song means so much to him

Galway songwriter Padraig Stevens remembers a classic track from Tony Small.