Eoin Dolan showcases masterful back catalogue on compilation vinyl album

Long considered one of the west of Ireland’s finest songwriters, Galway’s Eoin Dolan has just released a compilation vinyl album of his work from the last six years. For those unfamiliar with his discography this is a fantastic introduction to an artist who has been consistently putting out masterfully produced alt-pop gems since 2014. His music combines sublime, and sometimes heartbreaking melody, with lush instrumentation, sci-fi influenced lyrics and a classic songwriting finesse.

A founding member of Galway collective Citóg Records, Eoin is also the sound engineer for original showcase Eclectics and a youth music facilitator with Livefeed and Foróige SoundSurfers. 

I’m delighted to put together some of my favourite tracks on this limited edition vinyl LP. It’s a celebration of all my work so far, from 2014 right up to the present day. A marker of what has past and what has yet to be imagined…

Eoin Dolan

You can purchase the vinyl from Eoin’s Bandcamp: https://eoindolan.bandcamp.com/album/it-is-good-that-we-dream-lp

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