Dotts O’Connor fuses classic songwriting with hazy production on new single

Best known as the guitarist of Choice nominated band Come On Live Long and Dirty Dreamer, Dotts O’Connor’s new solo project fuses classic songwriting with hazy production making use of finger picked guitars, synths and found sounds.

With this batch of songs, I wanted to make music that is just as welcome around a campfire as it is at house party. These songs were all crafted on an acoustic guitar first and then once I was happy with the songs the rule was not to overthink anything else… ‘They Won’t See Us Coming’ is about trying to lift someone out of a difficult situation and by trying to do so you cross lines that you thought you never would. It was inspired by a remarkable lady I once met who was rearing her grandchild because the child’s mother was absent due to addiction and an abusive relationship.

Dotts O’Connor

‘They Won’t See Us Coming’ was written and recorded by Dotts O’Connor and produced by Stephen Kelly and Dotts O’Connor.

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