Donegal’s Aul Boy release new EP Making Strange

Aul Boy are an indie-rock type quartet that combine the sounds of New York, California and Donegal in a genre-jumping collage of clever lyrics, loose guitars and tight rhythms.

Making Strange is a four track bop through disconnection and light hearted existential crisis and is the first EP Aul Boy have served us up since becoming a quartet – the Blue Ghosts EP being a more lo-fi affair. Making Strange refuses to be pigeon-holed into one genre, but draws on a range of influences from when “indie” wasn’t a byword for watery shite to make something that’s familiar but relevant and engaging. From a two and a half minute pop hit, to wanton fuzzy destruction, to their own Day In The Life 3-in-1 album ender, they manage to pack a lot in to just over 15 minutes.

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