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Derry’s CHERYM knock it out of the park with Weird Ones

The pop-punk scene in Ireland has seen a resurgence of late and Derry three piece CHERYM are right up there showing why it’s time to dig out your favourite pop-punk records and pogo around the front room. Their brand-new single Weird Ones smashes down the door in the first few seconds and continues right up to the 3.23 mark. An exploration of feelings we have all had at one time or another: feelings of isolation in a crowd, of not being understood, of displacement – of generally being “weird ones”. 

Weird Ones is an anthem for those of the pop-punk persuasion to raise their fists and sing along with. The last few years have seen female fronted bands such as Pow Pig, Problem Patterns and Witchkicker firmly place their flags in the centre of stages and dance floors across the country to say “this is our space as well”. CHERYM are now right up at the front and leading the charge and this track is the anthem for that charge. Weird Ones is dynamic and powerful with an ethos that listeners can instantly get behind. CHERYM are proving once again why they are one of the most exciting bands in the country.

Weird ones was recorded at Small Town America Studio’s in Derry. Produced by Caolan Austin and Written by Cherym.  

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