Deadhead 2 by Happy Out: “a turbulent tune with steal toe boots and 3 penalty points on a provisional licence”

Hidden Gems is a section of the site wherein we ask artists to tell us about a song they love from the west of Ireland, with often delightfully thoughtful and eloquent results. Here, Lachlann Ó Fionnáin of the band Sheerbuzz tells us about a track he loves by fellow Donegalians Happy Out.

Every now and again during lockdown, when the memory of live music would arrive and catch you off guard, I’d eventually say to myself “I can’t wait for the next Happy Out gig”. Subsequently, more often than not, I’d pick up the nearest pair of headphones and play one of the most mosh pit evoking songs the northwest has had a chance to listen to, Deadhead 2.

Also known as the middle child of the Deadhead trilogy, Deadhead 2 is a turbulent tune with steal toe boots and 3 penalty points on a provisional licence. In a live setting It feels like the song jumps along with you. A boisterous drums and bass foundation from Lee Russell and Malcolm Boyd open the door for Guitar Hero Ciaran Coyle to twist and turn any which way he pleases like an old gaeltacht backroad. Most importantly, they don’t forget dynamic changes.

Structurally effective and efficient, and lyrically stunning, Deadhead 2 has always stood out to me as a testament to the quality and variety in the Donegal Scene. Lyrics like “Cobble stones along the path you call your home adorning the only fragment of a sense of tangiblity” stand out as some of the Is, was, wasn’t EP’s (released by the band in 2020) shiniest gems. As a project, the whole EP is honest, catchy, and full of energy. I could go into everything I love about Happy Out musically but I think it’s important to mention that as people they’re some of the loveliest musicians you’ll meet and it’s always a great feeling when you’re listening to a band you can trust. Listen to Deadhead 2. All the best x

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