curtis amrein

Check out the debut album from Limerick’s Curtis Amrein

At only sixteen years of age, Limerick producer and multi instrumentalist Curtis Amrein has released an impressive debut album with the intentionally misspelt title There’s a River in Your Rythm. Recorded on his phone, looped through an RC-20 pedal and then exported back to his phone for mixing, it’s a delightfully minimalist album with tonnes of character and atmosphere. Highly recommended.

This record isn’t about hyping you up or getting you ready for that 4am start. Its more about letting you enjoy your Tuesday night like a sane person… I feel like this album is my attempt at a breather. It was made while I studied intensely for a junior cert that never happened and it was the therapy I needed to distract from how hardcore everyone seemed to be about working themselves to death… This record is a conceptual piece that focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of headspace, showing how nice it can be to just take your foot off the gas for a while and think about the why.

Curtis Amrein

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