Listen to the dreamy debut single Mosaic from Colm Hayes featuring Grace McMahon

Formerly of Kudos and The Mandolas, Dungarvan based singer-songwriter Colm Hayes debut solo release Mosaic concerns the relationship between a father and his new-born daughter. Joined on the track by Grace McMahon of The Art Crimes Band, Hayes explores the natural evolution of caregiving that occurs through life, presented on an enthralling, dreamy backdrop.

I often compare Irish artists to music from Nintendo64 soundtracks. It is with great pride that I am going to do this once again as I have found this track to be a nice vocalised extension of the mood from “Zoras Domain” in Zelda-Ocarina of time, which is an absolute masterpiece of music.

Close your eyes when listening, you might feel like you are on a south-brazillian beach wishing you were at home but also enjoying the weather too much to care.

Songwriting to me is a longstanding compulsion; my way of making sense of the world and my place within it from an early age… I think in times of uncertainty, we tend to revert back to old familiar ways to find comfort.

Colm Hayes

Music from the west of Ireland